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Faye Pauper .:ref:. by patie9
Faye Pauper .:ref:.

This is my new primary fursona, so any fanart, gifts, etc should include Faye rather than Abi! Abrizelle is no longer going to be drawn by me at all.

Download for full view!

Just in case you can't read my horrific handwriting, here's a basic overview of the ref: 

Phaenna (Faye) Grace Pauper
(Notes on her name: I originally just thought of the name "Faye", but didn't think it sounded good alone. So I did some digging, and Phaenna was one of the Greek Charites, the minor goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and fertilty. The Charites were also known as the Graces, thus the middle name c: )
5'7" (anthro)
Red fox/timber wolf mix 
Aries - March 27th (I'm so original)
Pansexual and polyamorous (if you have questions on what either of those mean, please just ask <3)

She lives on the Psychofile farm with many of Crazy-Voodoo-Lady 's characters, and is a psychofile herself. She has created two dolls thus far: Shadow (who can be found in my gallery) and an unnamed character who is in the making as we speak~

Physical characteristics:
Faye is melanistic, which means her skin has an overabundance of melanin, making her coloring darker than normal (the opposite of albino).  She is plantigrade; her leg's anatomy is closer to that of a human than of a canine. She is right-pawed. She has three tattoos: a crossed heart on her right wrist to represent Emilie Autumn; a heart triquetra (example) on her left wrist; and a dreamcatcher along her left side. She has her belly button pierced, and always wears the piercing (usually a silver bar with two red balls). She also has her ears pierced, but rarely wears earrings. When she does wear earrings, they're long and dangly, and often have feathers or dreamcatchers. Her piercings and tattoos are only present on her anthro form. She has optional humanoid hair on her anthro form, but never on her feral form. She naturally has pitch black hair, but she loves bleaching and coloring it often. So, as long as you keep the length/styles consistent, it can really be any color you'd wish. She normally likes platinum blonde/white and pastel blue and purple, but anything is possible. She also loves decorating her hair with barrettes, flowers, pins, combs, and flower crowns and other diadems (she also wears these in her feral form, and when her anthro form is humanoid hairless)

Faye, while introverted, is not shy. She can and will thrive in social situations, she just prefers to be alone more often than not. She is a nature witch, and loves gems, crystals, incense, and natural magic (spell bags, love knots, herbs, etc). She is a self-taught musician, and plays guitar fairly well as well as recently learning the ukulele. She is teaching herself violin. She takes her guitar with her everywhere. She loves to doodle, and carries a sketchbook in her bag as well. She's trying to learn to paint as well as draw, but she struggles with it. She loves to sing and to dance, though she's not very good at either (not that it stops her). Though she isn't shy, she freezes up if put on the spot, and has terrible stage fright. She also gets uncomfortable in crowds, which really annoys her, as she'd love to see her favorite singer, Emilie Autumn, live one day. 

She spends most of her time reading, doodling and listening to classical music or Emilie Autumn. She loves the outdoors, any time of year, and loves going on walks. Her favorite season is fall. (Or spring. But she also likes summer. And winter is sO PRETTY) She loves dreamcatchers and making wire-wrapped jewelry out of natural, uncut gems, stones, and crystals. She hates storms and the cold, and that's the only time you'll find her locked inside rather than out in the woods or her herb garden. 

Faye doesn't understand technology. At all. She doesn't own a TV, and only owns a phone because it's impossible not to in this day and age. She has NO IDEA how to text, and would rather call any time, even if it's just to say hi. As well as collecting gems, feathers, and little statues to add to her altar, she also collects pretty parchment. She'd like to have a pen pal one day but doesn't know how to go about it. She also doesn't get makeup, and has never worn a bit of it in her life. She wouldn't know how to pick out lipstick from a makeup bag, much less put it on. She goes barefoot as much as possible, especially outdoors. She will often end up carrying her shoes by the end of the night if forced to wear them somewhere. She also hates wearing bras. Since she only has b cup breasts, she doesn't feel it necessary, and thinks they're too constricting.Not surprising coming from someone who thinks blue jeans are too constricting. 


That's about it for Faye! I might write more about her as Voodoo and I come up with more to her backstory, but right now here's everything you need to know! I love her, and absolutely LOVE drawing her. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do! 

Here's a page of 
outfits Faye would wear

Galaxies .:AT:. by patie9
Galaxies .:AT:.
Thank you so much for waiting on this darling ;;
this is forgetSanity 's character Phyrra flying through some galaxies or some shit idk i spent like seven hours on this and im still not happy with it im sorry ;o; 

i'm going to draw you a gift art piece as well, because i don't really think this compares to your half ;; 

go look at her gorgeous half!!!

phyrra (c) forgetSanity 
art (c) me 
<3 <3 < 3< 3<3 #<3 #<# #< #<##<R< #<#<#<##<EG#KLWGJLG Fuck
thinking of deleting. this place has nothing but bad memories. if i dont delete im probably gonna go back to being inactive.. follow my art tumblr, i'm probably gonna start uploading things there alone.

Musical Magic by forgetSanity
This is so fucking gorgeous hun! I think this is your best work yet, seriously. I'm gonna list the few little critiques i have, and then I'll tell you the THOUSANDS OF THINGS THAT ARE AMAZING ABOUT THIS.

I literally only have three tiny critiques for this piece. For the white fur, you did a really, really good job of making it look like a different texture than the clothing. That said, you lose the texture in the blue fur. the left arm is the best place for the blue fur's texture, so continue doing what you did on that arm through the entire piece and you'll have nailed it!

The shading is divine. The colors blend so well together and look great together, especially the shading in the hair/braid. A more defined light source would make the piece more immersive, and I think the purple crystal is letting off enough light to have a little bit more impact of the color of, say, the character's left elbow or the beads on her belt. just a little purple shine would add a lot of depth and tie everything together.

Last critique before I start drowning you in the endless compliments I could come up with for this piece is the right hand. The fingers are positioned exactly right, the fingers are just skinnier than you drew them on the left hand.


This is seriously so amazing. You absolutely nail the lineless, painted style. The colors are so pretty, the palette is very pleasing to the eye. I love love LOVE her expression, and you CRUSHED the pose. The anatomy and the way she's holding he violin is PERFECT. Plus, the violin itself. Holy shit. I struggle so hard with inanimate objects, and it's easy to tell you took your time to look at plenty of references and nail the depth and the texture of the wood and just HOLY SHIT MAN. THAT FUCKING VIOLIN. I love how it has gems embedded in it and how the purple magic ties everything together. plus I FUCKING ADORE HOW YOU DID THE MAGIC INSTRUMENTS LIKE FUCK. OH MY GOD THOSE ARE SO COOL SHE HAS THE COOLEST POWER EVER JESUS I LOVE IT. Her left hand is fucking gorgeous. I hate hands. And you nailed it. The little details like the design in her necklace really pull the onlooker into this piece. you did a great job with the perspective. like holy shit the violin looks like it's coming out of the screen at you.

All in all, this is a fucking GORGEOUS piece. I seriously would pay TONS to get a commission like this one, and I'm sure you made the customer just as happy and amazed as I am.

Keep this shit up, it's fucking perfect.

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